Sunday, October 2, 2011


"You can have power over people as long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer in your power". ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

 "C'mon baby and EAT THE RICH, bite down on the son of a bitch !!" ~Lemmy Kilminster of MOTORHEAD

Friday, June 19, 2009

Off with their Heads!

Chop it's head off, bury it and the body in separate
lead-lined caskets, cover the ground in Holy Water
and garlic, and chain a pitbull to the gravestone.
era, they've been getting everything they want and
look what it's done to our economy.
Shifting the taxbase from multi-billion dollar Corporations onto home owners trying to make ends meet, De-regulation of health & safety standards until recalls of products have become a DAILY OCCURENCE
Trade agreements that export jobs and import shoddy crap, local farms going bankrupt
while produce is trucked cross-country (tying EVERYTHING to the price of oil !!!), etc. etc. etc.
Thanks to this fascist ideology, spread by "don't-Think" tanks like the Fraser Institute, American Free Enterprise Institute, The Heritage Institute, and the IMF, the people who actually spend their money on things that keep the economic wheels turning (not $35,000 antique commodes) have lost their jobs, lost their homes, and lost their dignity. Our infrastructure is crumbling from lack of maintenance, because the 'High Wizards of Finance' thought that money would be better spent propping up the stock market. They didn't want "their"money spent on social programs like health care, yet the worst
leech on the public purse are the Corporations. They are textbook definitions of Psychopaths- completely self-absorbed, putting their interests above the common good, SELFISH beyond belief! They preached "tough love" and "survival of the fittest" until their myopic business philosophy caused the collapse of their cushy empires, and now they're whining for bail-outs. But it's never a CEO's fault - we can't play "the Blame
Game"- it has to be the little guy who shouldn't have taken out a mortage he couldn't afford ( who convinced him it was a safe investment in the first place?), he shouldn't have run up the charges on his credit cards (who pressured him to buy,buy,BUY and then jacked up the interest rates? AND practice what you preach- how many corporations are in difficulty due to debt incurred from buying other companies, hmmm??), he shouldn't have got that cost-of-living raise in his contract ( who gets multi-million dollar bonuses after they've screwed up Royally and then sold the bad debt to the rest of the world, spreading their mistakes further ??). Yet we are expected to swallow that helping the Least among us is "Socialism" and that's BAD, but "you have to pay the Top Dollar to get the Top Talent" ( when ARE we going to see this talent ?) is "Entrepreneurism" and that's GOOD. I am no proponent of China or Communism, but they actually execute their white-collar criminals and look at their economy !!! Perhaps if North America were to take a tip from the French Revolution, and a few well-coiffed heads were to roll, we wouldn't need Trillion-dollar bailouts, and
there would be enough prosperity for all.

Monday, June 15, 2009

shuddup,shuddup,SHUT UP!!!

They are everywhere these days, they are totally oblivious as they butt in front of you in a checkout line or cut you off in traffic.
You know who I'm talking about, don't you?
The seemingly schizophrenic people with a tiny piece of plastic glued to their ear, muttering "Uh-Huh, yeah........Uh-Huh, yeah..........uh-huh!"
If they were dressed in rags and pushing a shopping cart full of junk, you'd give them a wide berth, and tsk-tsk about out-patients wandering the streets, but for some strange reason, these obnoxious boors are considered to be well-adjusted members of the GREAT CONSUMER SOCIETY.
If they were discussing current events, or philosophical questions, or expressing any thought more creative than "Uh-Huh, yeah"
I'd applaud the contribution that cell phone technology has made to the advancement of human discourse.
In her one-woman show "The Search For Intelligent Life In The Universe", LILY TOMLIN says jokingly that we should give schizophrenic street people cell phones so it at least LOOKS like they're talking to somebody. SHE WAS ONLY KIDDING!
When I hear commentators on TV talking about what has happened to the economy, I have to wonder how much of it is wasted on short-lived cellphones, expensive monthly plans, text messaging, ring tones, etc. ad nauseum, all for the sake of those immortal words............ "Uh-huh, yeah"

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm going to commit blasphemy here - I'm going to suggest that perhaps we have enough cars !!
Will be be up to out chins in rusting metal before the public agrees with me ? Our economy is in a tailspin because it is based on a 100-year-old concept, the idea that we must churn out mass-produced crap.
Henry Ford created the factory production line in order to meet demand for the Model T automobile, and he has cursed us for all eternity, unless we wean ourselves off of it. The reason for the "Big Three's" fiscal woes is not solely union pensions ( the LIE we are currently being force-fed) , it is that they have gotten locked into a business model that can no longer be sustained !! There is no reason why factories cannot be turned into adaptable fabricating plants able to make an assortment of products, instead of churning out one shoddy item only.
Sooner or later we were bound to hit that wall, there just aren't enough people making enough money to BUY all these cars we're spewing out. It's time to cut our losses now, short-term pain for long-term gain, and not waste our dwindling resources propping up an unsustainable industry. Or is this what they have in mind for us ?
I find it strange that no-one is mentioning the Bank's role in the Auto Industry's decline. When they tightened up the reins on credit after the Sub-Prime Mortage Boondoggle, that also meant
no more car or truck leases were being written too, but that little fact seems to have escaped the notice of the media (hhhmmmmmm)
Another item of interest, they are concerned we may ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING about the environment. I received an Email the other day from my brother-in-law warning me to check my receipt against the pump at the gas station. He discovered they were jiggering the pumps at the gas station when he pumped 62 litres of gas into a 55 litre tank that had a 1/4 of
a tank of gas already in it!!!!!!!
Take a calculator with you to the station and check to make sure the price matches the amount of gas pumped - I did and already caught one station doing this.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So the Tamil Tiger leader is dead, and TERRORISM has been vanquished - YAAAAY! - Only....................
"No photos of Prabhakaran's body have been released. The army says it is working to identify it among the dead. The claims cannot be verified as reporters are barred from the war zone".
Isn't Afghanistan a shining example of how this works ? Ask Russia ..... they "killed" the Taliban leadership, and now that country is "fixed"
....isn't it?
“All military operations have come to a stop,” army chief Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka announced. “Now the entire country is declared rid of terrorism".

Didn't Vietnam teach us anything? When governments, for the convenience of brainwashing the public into supporting their wars, portray the "enemy" as highly organized pyramids whose leadership
is the sole driving force behind the campaign, they set themselves up to fail! This simplistic reasoning may appeal to moron military analysts
(hereafter referred to as "Rumsfeldians"), but when the bombings resume in a year or two, whattaya gonna do - blame Al Queda ?

"The Sri Lankan government’s moment of triumph has also come at the cost of thousands of innocent lives lost in indiscriminate shelling, according to the United Nations. The UN’s rights body now wants a war crimes probe. The International Committee of the Red Cross, the only neutral organisation that has been allowed to work in the war zone, has for its part described “an unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe.”
But Sri Lanka has shrugged off the international pressure.
“There was no bloodbath as some people feared,” Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe told reporters “Everybody has come out safely and they are being looked after by the government.”

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The second act of the Mulroney/Schrieber saga has just commenced this week and the performances are all Oscar-worthy!!!
From Lyin' Brian's crocodile tears on the stand, to Mila's Jackie O-esque fashion show, it's been a non-stop laugh riot! The unctuous PR weasel Robin Sears cast of sycophants have oozed onto all the pundit shows, lamenting at how he's "FIGHTING FOR HIS LEGACY", like a Greek Chorus of brown-nosers.

It all boils down to a very simple truth, that even his "Right Honorable"-ness himself has owned up to;
He took an envelope stuffed with cash from who HE
described as a 'sleazy entrepreneur' in a hotel room, stuck it in a cash deposit box in another country, didn't declare it on his taxes, and didn't provide any paperwork to say what he had done to earn that money. All the phony Irish charm in the world can't put a favourable spin on that!

I'm not buying Schrieber's act either- it hasn't escaped my attention that he's accused everybody BUT Mulroney of corruption, I think the two of them have cooked this dog-and-pony show up to keep Schrieber out of a German prison, and whitewash Mulroney's
tainted reputation so he can join George Bush on the right-wing rubber chicken circuit.

We are NEVER going to get the truth out of this crew- that died with Frank Moores, Brian's slimy bagman. He took all the secrets to the grave with him. (premature death, Germans, Ronald Reagan's friends, arms deals, cash in safe deposit boxes.........why does this have such a familiar ring to it ? hmmmm)

P.S. - of all the things that Baloney Mulroney has said over the years, he angered me anew this week. He told the inquiry that the Chinese ambassador had complained to him that no-one in the Canadian government would be seen in public with him after TIAMANEN SQUARE, and
his "Right-Honorable-ness" thought that "two years was enough time in the 'penalty box' "!!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vortextual messaging consequences
Devisive devices deceiving and splicing
Convoluted reasoning, context nonexistent
Structurally flawed sequential vacuum of exigence
Circuitry branches and echoes
Connections splinter and glitter in a steely "I"
Communicative void nulled to narcosis, frozen by those
who cry o'er genetically disenfranchised milk of human kindness

Stratus fears of strafed civilians
Shackled trail of tears under oppressive yellowed clouds
Boiled over bloodied melting pot
Meatbeating drum pulse felt with frigid thumb
The digit all-knowing scrawls it's palsied name 'cross the analog wall

Shadow of a thorn darkens the stillborn hope
Pushing the envelope of amoral tropism
elapsing until blind rage in an impotent cage
Tips.........and falls